Chiaro & Oscuro is a Belgrade based interior design studio established in 2018 by passionate and creative designers, Milica Pavlovic and Luka Bogdanovic, with international awards. The studio’s aesthetic propositions are always thriling, bright and cutting edge, inspired by past but also forward looking. Our interior design concepts are shown through residental as well as commercial projects. Each project is seen in a holistic context and offers comprehensive, elaborate interior concepts, paying careful attention even to the smallest details.


We discover our universe composed of matter and emotions that we transform into unique spaces. We believe that design is not only a process of creation for us, but also a process of exploring space, lighting, material and even collaborators. We search more deeply about the possibility and sophistication of architecture and interior itself, and provide the most suitable environmental experience for users. We are committed to develop in direction of forming new shapes, materiality that reveals combinations of simple, contemporary and lavish interiors. 


Milica Pavlovic, Founder of C&O interiors, is interior designer graduated at the University of Applied Arts. Milica is known for her innovative interiors and outstanding quality designs. She ensures her visualisations are not trend-led but synonymous with timelessness and longevity. Her career started by learning possibilities and steps of precise furniture manufacturing processes. That knowledge she implemented through her projects achieving most advanced stage of interior concepts. Milica is fascinated by the challenge of integrating traditional culture and technique into contemporary design and strives to introduce this dichotomy in her work.
Luka Bogdanovic, Co-Founder of C&O interiors, is industrial designer and visual artist whose practice sits on the boundary between provocative concepts and contemporary moments. After graduating from high school of design, he began studing at the Belgrade University of Applied Arts. During studies, he became third student in history of the University with award of  the best industrial design student. Right after graduation he was selected in a group of 200 best young designers in the world by Dubai design week organization. Luka has a unique ability to see the big picture while working through details.

We are happy to announce that our brand will get a new branch that offers contemporary pieces of furniture, fixtures and decor designed by C&O. Items will be displayed for visitors in a showroom. Casa del Chiaro & Oscuro will represent a new branch.


Vojvode Stepe 369, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Tel:  +381631137125   +381655480480